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Commerce. Two Online Services for Bespoke Men

In commerce. on January 30, 2011 at 4:39 pm

Today I’m sharing two custom shirt services for the bespoke man.

First up Shirts My Way a site where you can customize everything from collar to cuff.

The Perfect Look

Create the perfect look for your custom dress shirt. Every detail, from the collar style to the cuff fabric to the thread color, is customized to your heart’s content so that the dress shirt embodies your own distinctive style.

The Perfect Fit

With our custom tailoring option, you can specify key measurements and have your dress shirt made to fit you just right. There is a special feeling in wearing a perfect fitting dress shirt, one that every man must experience.

The Perfect Match

Our customization platform lets you create dress shirts that look and fit exceptionally well. And when you order dress shirts at ShirtsMyWay, you get highly dedicated people making great shirts and providing great service.


Next up we have Blank Label. A site where you can co-create a shirt based on one of the many design templates they have already created.

The Story from the Start

Blank Label started as a conversation between two friends. One of them decided to go to Grad School, the other tried to start a revolution. A few years ago, Fan spent a summer in Shanghai, where he played table tennis (clichéd but true), ate a lot of dumplings (more clichéd but more true) and got quite a few co-created dress shirts made. This being able to design from scratch dress shirts, choosing different fabrics, various styling components, and being able to do it affordably, Fan thought that there may have been a $257 business to this idea, which would have doubled the money he had at the time.

The $257 Idea

The new generation of consumer has been brought up on choice. People are different – individual – and choice has been a privilege to have. What’s more choice than being able to co-create something unique yourself? Coincidentally there’s also a generation of guys who use individual style as a currency. All of a sudden it wasn’t taboo for guys to try on two shirts before going out, wanting to wear something fitted, and maybe even wearing salmon? There was something to this…

When We Were Getting Excited

Enter revolutionary ideas. A small team bands together, with common beliefs that something could be done better, that it needed to be done better. Too long had the ‘appointed’ designers branded their fans like they were advertisements of their own egos, too long were their customers supporting their over-priced Manhattan apartments. Then in came a platform where you could design your own dress shirt, a bridge to quality tailoring, ready and excited customer service to help you through this. Enter YOU as the designer, the co-creator. Enter the revolution.




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