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Hommage Atelier NYC

In life., on April 20, 2011 at 11:49 am

By: Ariston Anderson via

When it comes to the ultimate in relaxing and unwinding for men, there’s little to be found in today’s fast-moving world. Even most airport executive lounges nowadays have little to offer besides a roomy chair and free wifi. But where can a man truly relax before a major business deal, or destress from a red eye flight? HOMMAGE, the brand that has redefined what luxury is for the modern man, has come up with just the spot, their first global atelier by Julien Farel.

The exclusive club, opened its doors April 4 in New York City. And don’t worry, this club is not for metrosexuals. It’s for the discerning jetsetters and dealmakers of the world, who deserve to have their own man time in the only way suitable: in a classic penthouse hideaway surrounded by the absolute best service and offerings.

HOMMAGE, the brand behind the world’s most expensive razor counts Hugh Jackman, Daniel Craig and Cory Monteith among its many fans of products. Elevating the brand into a new realm of indulgence, one only needs to take one step nto the doors of the new HOMMAGE Atelier and discover a world set apart from the busy Manhattan streets. Chairs are modeled after first class seats on the most premium airlines. Guests are welcomed with a glass of single-malt scotch, complimentary shoe buffing and jacket steaming. Every detail of the space is carefully accounted for, including art work curated by the Lincoln Center Vera Art List Program.

Luxist spoke to HOMMAGE CEO and Founder Tom Wilscam to learn about his vision for the new atelier.

You can check out the full interview here.


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