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Jaguar C-X75 To Be Put Into Production

In art., commerce. on May 11, 2011 at 11:17 am

This morning a gigantic cat jumped out of a secret little bag when Jaguar announced it has teamed with Williams F1 to build a production version of the C-X75 supercar. The 2010 Paris Motor Show-stopper in concept form was powered by two mid-mounted turbines, but the four-wheel-drive production model will swap those for a low displacement, highly boosted four-cylinder engine mated to “two powerful electric motors,” one at each axle.

Williams’ contribution will be in the areas of aerodynamics – the production version will maintain the concept’s all-composite body, and the integration of the hybrid powertrain that will take from the lessons JLR is learning from its Jaguar Limo Green and Land Rover Range E. Horsepower numbers haven’t been revealed, but the hybrid master blaster is targeting CO2 emissions of less than 99 grams per kilometer and all-electric running possible for 31 miles, along with a sub-three-second 0-to-60 time and a top speed beyond 200 miles per hour.

Only 250 will be built and they’ll start at £700,000 ($1.149 million U.S. based on current exchange rates) “depending on local market and taxes.” However, Jaguar hasn’t said when they’ll be built, offering nothing more than “within the timescales of a conventional model programme.” That sounds like about four years to us, plenty of time to save enough to buy one of the door handles.


View more pics in full post.


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