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In life. on May 18, 2011 at 2:13 pm

I love to read the news, watch the news, even listen to the news. What news is delivered has always interested me. The fragmented reality that is presented by various organizations has shown me the importance of being able to process the information without the subjectiveness of the deliverer. Lately the news has been all over the place with various channels highlighting various topics. And I have wondered are these topics really important to those that receive them or are the deliverers just trying to sell their product? I imagine its the latter but I remain hopeful it is the former.

I write this to say, be careful what you believe to be true when delivered to you third hand or fourth in some instances. Never forget to question the motives of the person(s) delivering it to you. And remain inquisitive about what is important to you. Don’t let the noise cloud your focus. News will always be entertaining but not always the truth.


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