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MB&F Legacy Machine No.1

In commerce. on October 7, 2011 at 2:59 pm

Nice Watch!


Some watches experiment with complications, some with shapes and sizes, and some are custom made for exclusivity. But one watchmaker, who knows how to create horological art with its dial, is MB&F who have created the latest artwork, the Legacy Machine No.1 (LM1). Much like its HM3 ReBel watch, and the HM2 final editions, this watch will have a 3-dimensional display of the timepiece’s finer movements and horological engineering which has set it apart from the rest.

Created by Maxmilian Busser, Kari Voutilainen, Jean Francois Mojon (MB&F), this watch brings the world’s first vertical power reserve indicator, and the tourbillon on the dial itself, and creating a 3-dimensional journey in time. The construction has been so unique that under normal circumstances, the watch would display a captivating scenery of movements which barely is seen anywhere, and has its own charm. Available in a 18K red or white gold casing, the chassis is covered by a sapphire crystal dome which has protects the elaborate dial inside. On the right hand side, one would notice the minutes an hours being displayed by a blue colored arm on a black & white Roman numeral dial. Similar is the case with the seconds dial on the left. The power reserve is indicated at the bottom through the vertical structure which has a sliding blue indicator telling you the extent of power it has left, before it needs another set of tunings. The 2 screws on either side will assist you in this regard.

On the technical standpoint, the balance frequency of the watch is 18,000 b/ph, and packs in 45 hours of power reserve. There are a total of 279 components used in the movement itself, out of which 23 are precious metals and stones. The dial stands at 44 mm of width and 16mm of height at its thickest point. The protective sapphire crystal dome on top is anti-reflective and also anti-scratch, and it extends to the exposed back of the watch. The strapping is of course the optional black or brown alligator leather with a case-matching gold buckle. The pricing for each watch has been kept at $92,000 a piece.


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